Lacquer Stretch Ceiling

The fabrics prepared at the Lacquer tissue structure are different than the other options; It is smoother and brighter. In this view the applied field gives a wider view. Especially in commercial customer focused locations; it provides a stylish, simple image thanks to its relaxing effect. You can present dozens of different options for your choice of color in the lacquered ceiling application. But the difference from the other options is that the day is coming to light. It is a type of ceiling application where there is no light transmission. Lacquer stretch ceiling.

Of course, this situation has been largely abolished by the “gloss surface” study. As a result of the application, the region is genuinely stylish and has a brilliant effect on it. Even though it does not have a light-permeable structure, it allows you to obtain results that can provide a distinctive, stylish and desirable environment thanks to its color choices and this bright texture.

Lacquer Stretch Ceiling Applications

Lacquered tile ceiling applications, which can also have a general meaning to the mirroring feature, called mirror, can be used in different areas. Many areas, including the Turkish Baths and spa center, are often preferred due to this feature. You may have obtained a more authentic, yet different appearance of the existing furniture or living area, reflecting the ceiling of the ceiling thanks to the lacquered ceiling. Particularly designed spaces, such as luxurious spaces or living spaces, do not wish to have any heating pipes or similar installation points around in any way.

At this point, the Lacquer stretch ceiling is the most preferred option in many parts of the world, especially in our country. You will have the opportunity to observe the essential details like the existing pipes and fittings and to get a stylish and different image. In addition, although other tension ceiling applications are durable, the ceiling is different. It is also quite resistant to the situations that cause problems in the related region in many unwanted, long term processes, mainly dirt and humidity. This durability also gives you an opportunity to use up to 20 years.

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