Printed Stretch Ceiling

If you want to get a different look with quality technology; you can examine our printed stretch ceiling products. Now we are able to present your stretch ceiling application solutions within your desired logo, visuals or different material. Our company produces products suitable for digital printing applications on stretch ceiling fabrics.

Our printed stretch ceiling fabric products, which we have produced in accordance with light textured structure, also allow us to apply our desired printing in a much more comfortable way. While this provides a more comfortable printing process in a year, On the other hand it offers the possibility of offering a product suitable for long-term use. Thus, it is possible to use tensile ceilings prepared by digital printing for 20 to 30 years without any problems.

Solvent Prevention Structure and Printing

In the printing phase; UV printing system is preferred. This printing system largely prevents the printing process from fading in a short period of time, or progressing in the process of locally printing problems. As a result, the desired image and color, pattern structure that does not disappear in the long vault can come out. Especially since the problems of fading are frequently seen in the places which consistently present customer-focused presentations, our company acts in order to prevent this problem. Another important detail is that the materials used have antibacterial properties. Our company, with the necessary certificates and documentation, takes care of this in all printed stretch ceiling operations. Thus, it is possible to obtain a healthy environment suitable for all kinds of customers and target groups.

Getting Spacious and Different Appearance

Printed stretch ceiling also gives you the opportunity to get a different environment. Tilting ceilings, which can be applied with digital printing, are added to the visual and work, which also adds a distinct spaciousness. This allows customers to move in a more favorable environment in commercial spaces while also helping to create more energy efficient environments in other living spaces. You can also contact us for more detailed information on the printed stretch ceiling and the working process.

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