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Diledi─činiz an ula┼čabilece─činiz, her t├╝rl├╝ teknik sorun kar┼č─▒s─▒nda sizlere anl─▒k olarak ├ž├Âz├╝mler sunabilen teknik ekibimizle tan─▒┼č─▒n.

Wide Partnership Network all over Turkey and Abroad

Onlarca farkl─▒ bayimiz ile sizlere t├╝m T├╝rkiye’de kesintisiz hizmet sunman─▒n hakl─▒ gururunu ya┼č─▒yoruz.

Nature Friendly Products

├ťretim a┼čamas─▒, sonras─▒ ve kullan─▒lan malzemeler; her ad─▒mda yenilenebilir teknoloji, geri d├Ân├╝┼čt├╝r├╝lebilir ham madde kullan─▒yoruz.

In 3 Sentences Why Belemir Yapi?

As Belemir Yapi, we are always at your side with our valued customers. You can get support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at all our technical centers. You can also get preliminary information by contacting our customer service at any time during the pre-sale stages.

Our company is a structure which is always ready to work in stock and supplies the necessary materials directly from its own store in the services it offers. We also offer a wide range of products tailored for a wide variety of needs, allowing us to offer the most accurate solutions for all kinds of needs.

All the services determined in the face of your needs are produced in our special production facilities in a short time and the assembly operations are provided by our private and experienced team within the determined times. Thus, you do not wait in production and assembly stages, you do not lose time and you get instant solutions.

  • Customer Satisfaction 100%
  • Affordable Pricing Solutions 90%
  • Fast Support System 80%
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We Care About The Nature

Eco-Friendly Products

Our company uses suitable PVC in all the stretch ceiling solutions.

Energy Saving

In our stretch ceiling products, you are saving energy and LED lighting solutions are being used in order to take measures against both global warming and economy.

We Trust Our Products

As Belemir Yapi, we trust our products and we provide 25 years GUARANTEE to our valued customers! Our aim is long term; Nature friendly and most important is to produce solutions that will make you happy, to offer you the fastest way, with the most reasonable prices.

About Belemir Yapi

As Belemir Yapi Decorations, we are happy to offer uninterrupted service to our customers. We provide you with the most suitable and high quality solutions in a fairly short period of time for any matter you may need regarding interior decoration.

Until today; We are continuing to offer our services for the hundreds of different shops, stores and living rooms, either during the formation phase or after the implementation. You can communicate with us against all your needs like interior decoration and stretch ceiling.

24/7 Technical Service

Our company stands beside you in the sense of technical service.

Wide Product Range

In all our main and sub services, especially the stretch ceiling, we can offer the color / pattern options for your needs, we produce in our own facilities.

Fast Producing and Assembly

The required stretch ceiling fabrics and all other products, materials are produced in our own production facilities and assembled within a short time without loss of time.

Wide Partnership Network and Sales Channels

We are at your service with a wide network of partners in order to provide service to you in every corner of Turkey and Abroad without interruption.

When we are abroad, we do not prevent our services from exporting from our country. Thanks to Belemir Yapi’s advanced export infrastructure, we have been able to supply the products and solutions we need.

Exporting Abroad

First of all thank you for the partnership you have developed. We offer you both a lucrative business partnership and you always feel the power behind us with the support you provide against current product, production, additional demand situations.


Normally, we wait for days for product design. Belemir Yapi has completely changed this situation. They produce your needs in their own premises and quickly move to the assembly phase. I think we will be together mostly on the construction project.

Installation and Technical Service

Stretch Ceiling Applications


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Transparent Stretch Ceiling

By means of transparent stretch ceiling and specially produced fabrics, it is possible in this way to ensure that the light is spread in a homogeneous structure. It is also possible to obtain exactly the desired stylish and different appearance. You can visit our...


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Lacquer Stretch Ceiling

Lacquer Stretch Ceiling The fabrics prepared at the Lacquer tissue structure are different than the other options; It is smoother and brighter. In this view the applied field gives a wider view. Especially in commercial customer focused locations; it provides a...


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Printed Stretch Ceiling

Printed Stretch Ceiling If you want to get a different look with quality technology; you can examine our printed stretch ceiling products. Now we are able to present your stretch ceiling application solutions within your desired logo, visuals or different...

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Sat─▒┼č ├Âncesi ve sonras─▒, bayilik gibi t├╝m konularda m├╝┼čteri hizmetlerimize ula┼čabilirsiniz.


About Us

Belemir Yapi has been developed since 2003, with production facilities; With its extensive partnership network covering all of Turkey and Abroad, offers seamless solutions for your production, installation and after-sales support processes.

Contact Us

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Belemir Yap─▒, Your Reliable Partner In Stretch Ceiling Systems…

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